Installing the QuickHMI Viewer on Linux-Systems

The installation of the QuickHMI Viewer on a Linux distribution is done via the terminal.

Please note the system requirements for Linux!

Open a terminal or connect to your Linux system via SSH access.

The commands to be executed may differ from distribution to distribution. The commands in this manual are based on Linux Ubuntu.

  1. Install an openJDK runtime environment. Runtime environments from version 11 on are supported.

sudo apt-get install openjdk-11-jre

  1. Install openjfx.

sudo apt-get install openjfx

  1. Change into a directory where you want to install the QuickHMIViewer.

  1. Download the QuickHMI Viewer package. Instead of using the wget command, you can of course download the file on

another computer first, and then copy it into the current directory (/home/quickhmi).

sudo wget

  1. Unpack the QuickHMI Viewer package.

sudo tar -xvf QuickHMIViewer.tar

  1. Delete the QuickHMI Viewer package.

sudo rm QuickHMIViewer.tar

And with that the installation is completed.

For example, enter ./ -r  to get a list of possible commands.

If you want to make the command qhmiViewer directly executable from any directory,
create a symbolic link to the file in the directory /usr/bin/.