QuickHMI Editor

Create your data or machine visualization with QuickHMI Editor in a few easy steps. Run your project in a Browser, QuickHMI Android App or Desktop-Application on Windows,

and Linux. With the scalable QuickHMI create small projects with a Raspberry Pi up to a large visualization of industrial landscapes.

In addition to the graphical drag and drop environment, the possibilities of scripting with JavaScript have been further developed.

It is also possible to use external file and database content. Also, a comprehensive driver collection is available for the connection of many data source types.

The following topics about the QuickHMI Editor are covered in this main-chapter:

>> Licenses

>> Editor start page

>> Creating a new project

>> Open project

>> Editor user interface

>> Editor main menu

>> Edit page

>> Project settings

>> The Project explorer

>> Working with control elements

>> Working in different layers

>> Communication

>> Database queries

>> JavaScript & HTML

>> E-mail function

>> Translation texts

>> Security

>> Integration of media resources

>> Chart Manager

>> Recipe Manager

>> Runtime mode

>> Export the project for the server

>> Tips & Tricks