Web Viewer

With the QuickHMI Web Viewer, you can start your projects even faster and more conveniently. This ensures even more mass compatibility and protects your resources.

Prerequisites are only the low performance specifications which required for a web browser. A separate program installation is no longer necessary.

Starting runtime in the browser

Select in the “Runtime” menu “Web Viewer” as a runtime mode. Now you can determine which browser on your system will be started to run the application.

You can also open the application in all browsers.

Click “Start”.

The project will open in a browser of your choice. Supported browsers are currently Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Edge.

The project view of the Web Viewer is identical to the project view of the QuickHMI Desktop Viewer.

Access to the published visualization

Start your browser and enter the address of your server in the address bar, with the information you have set:

HTTPS - Connection example:

  • https://YourServerIpOrHostname:Port

HTTP - Connection example:

  • http://YourServerIpOrHostname:Port