Runtime Manager - Configure the project

In the "project" region of the QuickHMI Runtime Manager projects can be configured and start their service. In addition, users and recipes can be managed.

If you are in the "Project" area, you can configure a project created with the QuickHMI Editor in the "Info" tab.

To do this, click on "Configure project" and select the previously exported qexp. File.

Now you can "Start" the server.

The service is running and can be stopped at any time. So, your project has been successfully set up and can be executed with the QuickHMI Viewer.

A detailed description can be found in the “QuickHMI Viewer” chapter:

>> QuickHMI Viewer

If the service is started, any errors that occur in the data sources are displayed.

You can view these in detail by clicking on the warning symbol.

If the configured project and the QuickHMI Runtime Manager have a different version, a corresponding info will show.

This usually does not affect the function but should be corrected by a software update.