Runtime Manager - Help

Here you will find information about the current version of the QuickHMI Runtime Manager, contact details and support.

Click on “Help” / “Info”.

  • Log files

Log messages from the editor are logged in the designated “messages” window.

The QuickHMI Server and the QuickHMI Runtime Manager are logging to their respective files which are located in the following directories:


  • Server: %PROGRAMDATA%\QuickHMI\QuickHMI Server Gazelle\logs\server
  • RuntimeManager: %PROGRAMDATA%\QuickHMI\QuickHMI Server Gazelle\logs\rm


  • Server: /usr/share/QuickHMI/QuickHMI Server Gazelle/logs/server
  • RuntimeManager: /usr/share/QuickHMI/QuickHMI Server Gazelle/logs/rm