Control elements

Control elements are interactive elements in a graphic user interface, for instance a button or a scroll bar.

They are linked to functions in the program which are executed as soon as the element is activated, for instance, with a mouse click. A variety of control elements are available to you.

Depending on the control element, the applicable actions for all elements, individual element-specific actions, and properties are also available to you.

The default control elements are sorted into different groups. If you know the name of your desired element, you can enter it into the search function.

Your searched control element is immediately available to you without a long searching.

  • Buttons and Inputs

Variety types of buttons and input elements

  • Charts

Variety types of charts

  • Conveyor Systems

Conveyor technology elements

  • Cutaways

Variety types of cutaways

  • Display

Variety types of displays

  • Fluidics

Variety types of guidance symbols

  • Graphic Symbols

Variety types of technical symbols

  • Graphics

Variety types of graphic symbols

  • HTML

Html Box

  • Lamps

Variety types of lamps

  • Motors

Variety types of motors

  • Pictures

Image control elements

  • Safety Signs

Variety types of warning and safety signs

  • Sensors

Variety types of sensors

  • SVG

Create your own SVG controls in QuickHMI

  • Tanks

Variety types of timers and triggers

  • Timer and Trigger

Variety types of tanks

  • Valves

Variety types of valves

The following topics about working with control elements are covered in this chapter:

>> Settings and actions of the controls

>> Using the control elements

>> PlugIn Manager

>> SVG controls